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The OMAD Diet Eating One Meal a Day #infographic

The OMAD Diet Eating One Meal a Day #infographic

I think we can agree: We are living in today's fast-paced world that demands a lot of our attention. Whether it's family, jobs or social events, our time is scarce And when we try to lose weight, we face several challenges in our everyday lives. We want to follow something simple, suit our lifestyle and work. There is an response to someone who's been through the carousel of all the diet plans that don't follow those principles. The Omad Diet is called, or otherwise defined as Consuming One Meal A Day.

If you are looking for a simpler way to eat, want to avoid calorie counting and want to see those pounds fall off, the OMAD diet could work wonders for you. The Omad Diet can be a relief out there from other complicated diet plans which have several confusing eating habits or instructions. Studies are growing, showing that growing meal frequency does not encourage weight loss. Many other long-term experiments on humans also demonstrate how fasting can be beneficial for longevity.

SO, what kind of BASIC IDEA / CONCEPT BEHIND OMAD is it? Omad is a type of intermittent fasting also known as 23:1. This means you'll run for 23 hours and eat within an hour. You wouldn't eat any calorie drinks or food outside of your one hour feeding time period. With the Omad diet, you can choose to consume any meal you want within your eating window without any limitations. However, having a healthy balanced plate that includes the food groups would be safer for your overall health in the long term.

The OMAD Diet Eating One Meal a Day #infographic

infographic by: omaddiet.com

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