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How To Find and Hire The Best Candidates #infographic

How To Find and Hire The Best Candidates #infographic

How to Find and Hire The Right Candidates Almost 7 in 10 hiring managers fail to fill key roles and end up with a poor fit In 2018, 44% of all U.S. workers had employee turnover Is Your Hiring Plan Taking You Down? Companies of all sizes registered recruiting difficulty Large (250 +) 67% Medium (50-249) 56% Small (10-49) 43% Micro (under 10) 32%.

Why? For what? It may start with the interview itself Employers usually inquire about previous experience of the candidate and demonstrated skills – Thomas Edison famously asked over 150 questions during interviews Over time, other businesses have taken on many of the same questions, like Why are you leaving your present job? Could you tell me about yourself?

Describe a time when you demonstrated leadership skills How did specific questions become so common? Most HR leaders only support such "healthy" subjects in interviews Something deemed controversial will bring the business in trouble.

How To Find and Hire The Best Candidates #infographic

infographic by: www.humanresourcesmba.net

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