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Plant Experiment: Classical & Rock Music for Plants Growth #infographic

Plant Experiment: Classical & Rock Music for Plants Growth #infographic

There is plenty of research on this topic, however, no definitive conclusions are drawn. Some claim the best music for plants is classical music, while others seem to agree that any form can produce the same results as long as it is under reasonable levels of noise. We decided to check the many hypotheses regarding the impact of music on plant production.

 And we did our own experiment with our plants and equipment to find out what kind of music plants really like. Read on to see how we've done it, what plants we've used and how we've assessed the plants effect of music. You can also use the data pictured below to test our data.

Does music help grow plants? Here's the Research: Music is generally well-accepted to affect plant growth and health, and we also know why: certain sound frequencies stimulate cytoplasm movement in plant cells, which boosts metabolism and thus development.

Sound also influences the opening and closing of stomata – the tiny pores that function on plants like primitive lungs. Music helps a stoma stay open for longer, so it gets more oxygen and grows quicker. Some sound frequencies activate genes which speed the growth of plants. Additional work on plant form music and sound frequency concluded with the following results.

Classical music has helped plants grow better with healthier roots, bushier and greener. Jazz music also hastened production and made plants more abundant. Along with new age and Celtic songs, heavy metal music enhances both plant mass AND fruit taste. Nation and western plant songs also had no developmental impact. Noisy rock music kills plants in the same way high winds or warm water do.

Plant Experiment: Classical & Rock Music for Plants Growth #infographic

infographic by: youhadmeatgardening.com

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