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Roof Types & Average Life Span #infographic

Roof Types & Average Life Span #infographic

How long a roof lasts? The response is heavily dependent on which roofing material you first select, how it is mounted, typical weather conditions in your location, and other factors. Skywalker Roofing Triad delivered this infographic to top ranked roofing contractors. You'll learn more about the different roofing materials available for each, including the pros & cons and expected life span. Asphalt Shingles Average Lifespan: 20 years Pros: Financial, Multiple Color Options Cons: Less resistant to high winds & heavy rain, Less environmentally friendly metal roofing Average Lifespan: 30 years Pros: Durable, Lightweight.

Cons: Noise (Rain Drumming Effect), Prone to Dents & Scratches Wood Shake (or Wood Shingle) Roofing Average lifespan: 30 years Pros: Natural Beauty, More Eco-Friendly Cons: More Costly, Higher Installation Cost Tile Roofing Average Lifespan: 50 years Pros: Many Color & Design Choices, Long Lasting Cons: High Cost (Clay Tile), Heavy Slate Roofing.

Average life span: 40 years Pros: Natural Beauty, Very Durable Cons: Strong, Costly to Procure and Install Rubber Roofing Overall Lifespan: 40 years Pros: Durable, Lightweight Cons: Color Can Fade, Delicate to Perform.

Roof Types & Average Life Span #infographic

infographic by:skywalkerroofingnc.com

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