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The Bright Future of IoT and How it Will Change Our Lives #infographic

The Bright Future of IoT and How it Will Change Our Lives #infographic

The brave new technological future in which we all dreamed has finally arrived, it's smart and full in "stuff," the Internet of Things. IoT, a short internet version of stuff, refers to home appliances, cars, handheld devices and other gadgets connecting to the internet and exchanging data. In 2019, assuming you possess at this stage potentially at least one such system is a safe bet. After all, there are 26.66 billion IoT connected devices across the globe according to the statistics. Which statistically leaves at least 3 devices for every person in the world.

Even with all those mind-boggling figures there are just 0.06 percent of 'things' that might actually be linked to the Internet. This leaves more space and opportunity for the creation of things on the internet. IoT's future is looking pretty good. We also influence our lives, families, communities that we live in, how we work, move or communicate with the world that surrounds us. Let's look at these key areas of our lives where things are heading.

The very smart home we've seen in sci-fi movies hasn't arrived yet but at the moment its potential is immense and mostly unfulfilled. Although IoT's future probably hasn't completely arrived in our homes and we still don't have refrigerators ordering grocery the minute we run out of eggs and Greek yogurt, just be patient, thanks to the latest developments in artificial intelligence and big data analytics, we're getting there.

The Bright Future of IoT and How it Will Change Our Lives #infographic

infographic by: perfectial.com/blog

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