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The Tallest Trees in the World #infographic

The Tallest Trees in the World #infographic

Trees are a constant source of wonder to those of us who enjoy the forests. Towering forest giants can make you feel small everywhere you are, but the rest are some dwarf. Many of Earth's tallest trees can be found in the remote Borneo tropics and the ancient Tasmanian forests. The tallest trees in Europe are more than 20 meters high but are all non-native plants from wilder areas of the world. But none of these can equal the majestic grandeur and cathedral wonder of the old-growth redwood and sequoia forests on the California coast-the forest's ancient kings.

A larger version of this chart can be viewed here. So if you want to post the infographic, feel free to! We release it under a creative commons license CC BY-SA 4.0, which essentially means you can use it for anything you want, so long as you link back to Candide.

Hyperion's exact location in Redwood National Park, California is a tightly guarded secret, but we know that Hyperion is a coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). Just in 2006, naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor discovered the tallest tree of all. It was later climbed by Stephen Sillett, who lowered a tape measure from the top and reported the official height of Hyperion at 115.55 m above any other tree.

The Tallest Trees in the World #infographic

infographic by: candidegardening.com

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