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How Does Crime Stopping AI Work? #infographic

How Does Crime-Stopping AI Work? #infographic

He Secret Crime Preventing Social Effect AI How Do AI Assess Crimes Before It Happens? Predictive Policing Based on "broken windows" policing which targets patrols to "hotspots" with high levels of minor crime like vandalism and theft Crime Is Like A Virus.

 Disease and crime tend to cluster in geographic areas and spread through social networks Crime Creates Crime: Minor crimes like vandalism and theft lead to more and more serious crimes, The Tech: Crime Prediction Techno.

Example: PredPol Produced by LAPD & UCLA, published in 2008 Minor crime hotspots predictions based on recent police reports-targeting patrols up to 500 ftar.

How Does Crime Stopping AI Work? #infographic #Crime #Featured

infographic by: www.bestmswprograms.com

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