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How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster #infographic

How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster  #infographic

Was shaken by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, which produced a 296-mile fissure along San Andreas 'fault. Hundreds of fires in the city burned down fueled by faulty gas pipes. The fires raged from the area for three days, destroying nearly 500 blocks. In addition, the country has been targeting the infamous The Johnstown Flood.

 On the Appalachian city of Johnstown a 40-foot high, half-mile-wide water and debris wall came crashing down. Within a matter of minutes 1600 homes were flattened and swept away, and 2209 people died, including 99 entire families. The cause of the flood was the collapse of a dam that contained 20 million tons of water at Lake Conemaugh. Mother nature has different ways to do things and it also shows that she is violent. United States is no stranger to natural catastrophe disasters.

The US has experienced many big natural disasters, ranging from churning coastal storms in the gulf to trailer-throwing tornado alley flooding, to California's ground-busting quakes. The Galveston's great 1900 hurricane smashed through the Gulf Coast causing a 16-foot storm surge that almost washed off the city map, and it's 37,000. Keep going.

How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster  #infographic

infographic by: www.vikingsteelstructures.com

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