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How Long Animals Live:The Life Spans of 50 Animals #infographic

 How Long Animals Live: The Life Spans of 50 Animals infographic

How long live animals? We explained animal life cycles from rats to humans to sharks, showing how the lifetime of the species varies from a few years to 500 years or more! See where you are on our list of 50 animal life spans. Biologically eternal is the animal with the longest life span: Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the "eternal jellyfish." This tiny organism may literally push the reset button during its growth.

Sexually mature and then return to a sexually immature version of itself in a process called transdifferentiation or the method of turning adult cells into a different type of tissue. As researchers concentrate on human gene therapy, some extensive study of this technique has been carried out.

(Who knows? Maybe one day human beings will figure out how to transdifferentiate cells as those jellyfish do.) While this may not be a fixed number of years, it is clear that the longest life span of any species is the eternal jellyfish.

 How Long Animals Live: The Life Spans of 50 Animals infographic

infographic by: www.alansfactoryoutlet.com

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