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Leniency of Marijuana Use By State #infographic

Leniency of Marijuana Use By State #infographic

It is fairly common for job seekers to undergo drug screening during pre-employment when applying for new jobs. Although some states have completely legalized marijuana, understanding the principles of drug use before, during, or at work is key. Up to 1/2 drug users in regulated states admit to smoking cannabis at or before work, and 75th say being high increases their productivity at work.

With respect to state leniency, Colorado, Washington, Vermont, Alaska and a variety of other alternatives are among the few states to allow drug. At the other hand; the SD and Iowa ar are amongst the strictest states. Strangely enough, though a lot of companies are not hunting for weed.

Leniency of Marijuana Use By State #infographic

infographic by: www.usdrugtestcenters.com

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