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Most Expensive in-game Items Sold #infographic

Most Expensive in-game Items Sold #infographic

Those were the twelve most expensive in-game products in the real world, sold for cash. Prices do not agree with this product quality but they reflect the most lucrative value at which the item was priced. "El Dorado.gg's eCommerce Director Algirdas Latvys commented that the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing diversion markets these days.

 Prize pools of video game tournaments currently equal the prize pools of the various physical sports competitions. For an example of an associate degree, The International tried two competition 019 DOTA, an online battle arena multiplayer genre game prize pool exceeded $34 million and surpassed the previous record management by the previous year.

Most Expensive in-game Items Sold #infographic

infographic by: www.eldorado.gg

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