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The 30 Day Guide: Dog Muscle Building Workouts #infographic

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Anyone who wants to better their health — here I'm speaking of humans — knows it's not as straightforward as doing one form of exercise a few days a week. It's not enough to simply push ups, or even ride a bike. Instead, for all-around wellbeing you need to do a variety of things: physical training, aerobic exercise, stretching etc.

 And a happy dog needs to do the same! If the only workout your dog really gets is going for the occasional run (cardiovascular workout), it's certainly better than nothing-but what about muscle tone and strength training? Or balancing preparedness to develop core strength?

So keep the dog as safe as possible, they need a great range of instruction. This is why we're putting together this 30 day muscle building guide.

 The 30 Day Guide: Dog Muscle Building Workouts #infographic

infographic by: bullymax.com

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