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The Growth of DIY during the Pandemic #infographic

The Growth of DIY during the Pandemic #infographic

In that crazy time, even the Coronavirus didn't mess things up too badly. Luckily for us, we 're one of the few types of company that was still really busy through this era due to the rise in the amount of people doing DIY and we've actually seen a huge spike in the number of orders we get.

Because of this we decided to put together this infographic for you that is packed with information about the increase in the number of people doing DIY work due to the lockdown and people having more time on their hands. The article includes fascinating information about the purpose of DIY, the benefits to mental health, the spike in online orders and the work being done.

The Growth of DIY during the Pandemic #infographic

infographic by: www.buymetalonline.co.uk

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