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10 of the Top Construction Projects in the World #infographic

10 of the Top Construction Projects in the World #infographic

Human civilizations have always looked for their creativity, wealth and craftsmanship to create the biggest and greatest monuments. From the Empire State Building, to the Eiffel Tower, and Giza 's Great Pyramids to China's Great Wall, we've always been looking to build the biggest and best. Mind blowing historic building projects now litters bucket lists of travel-minded folks everywhere and they make up a huge part of the historic tapestries.

But now, it is 2019. We need to think about the world's Burj Khalifas schemes and Libyan Irrigation. There are communities that are rich, strong and most importantly stable enough to create spectacularly big projects for the first time in history.

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We've been able to give the world some truly impressive, creative initiatives by partnering with our geographical neighbours. The International Space Station as a collaboration between nations leaps to mind. With so many stunning projects going around the planet continuously, at 53 Quantum we thought it would be an idea to put together a quick infographic of ten of the biggest and best.

There will of course be examples that we missed and things that we left off, because how do you compare a massive railway restauration and modernization with a super skyscraper? Oranges and Apples!

10 of the Top Construction Projects in the World #infographic

infographic by: www.53quantum.com

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