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17 Gaming Words that Changed Language Forever #infographic

17 Gaming Words that Changed Language Forever #infographic

Video games have been spending the past half century transforming pop culture and the world around us since Pong came bouncing into arcades in 1972. Gaming has grown into the dominant entertainment force of the past few decades once a niche hobby and fast fix with mates, outperforming both the film and music industries in revenue and adaptability.

Gamification-the incorporation of gaming concepts and rules in non-gaming ways-has crept into our use of social media, our shop cards, and even some work CVs! Think about the fun way companies want to reward your loyalty, or how much feedback you 're excited to get for your new message.

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Smartphones nowadays not only serve as our cameras, address books, diary and more, but also as our primary gaming platform for the majority of us. We have become generational button-bashers and that is nowhere better seen than in the way gaming has developed its own vocabulary, creating new words and modifying others for wild new uses.

The emergence of online multiplayer gaming brought an influx of new concepts as the world of video games became more linked and increasingly advanced. It was difficult for dictionaries to keep up with the pace at which words like frag, sidescroller and teamspeak have emerged.

17 Gaming Words that Changed Language Forever #infographic

infographic by: word.tips

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