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25 Common Medications: The Same Drug, Different Names? #infographic

25 Common Medications: The Same Drug, Different Names? #infographic

Are you aware that the drug you take could go by a variety of other names depending on where you live? In reality, many of our Canadian pharmacy's top-selling drugs can be identified with a completely different name.

But why is that happening? Brand name medicines can differ, depending on a number of factors, from country to country. Usually, they come down to the regulatory body who is responsible for issuing licenses, the supplier and whether there is another company who still has access to the patent, whether the product is being sold for (for example, whether it has specific uses), and more.

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What's important is to know which medication you 're taking and the chemical / generic name stems from that. Check out our chart below to see our top 25 common called drugs, based on where you live. You may also be shocked by some of these.

All of these can be found at our online pharmacy at Canadian Pharmacy King. Click here to see how easy it is right here on our website, if you are ready to order. Every requires a valid prescription from your physician. If you have questions reach out for more information.

25 Common Medications: The Same Drug, Different Names? #infographic

infographic by: www.canadianpharmacyking.com

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