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How Big Is a Serving Size, Really? #infographic

How Big Is a Serving Size, Really? #infographic

Should you turn the package open if you eat something and look at the nutrition facts first? The calories listed on food packages, along with the amount of fats , sugars and protein contained in the food you 're about to consume will help you prepare your meals for the day and help you achieve your nutritional goals.

 But quantities of calories, fat , sugar, and protein tell you just a part of the story. The serving size listed on the facts regarding nutrition tells you the rest. When an ice cream carton says a serving size is half a cup, but you end up consuming a full cup, you take the calories , fat, and so on listed on the nutrition facts twice as much.

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How Big Is a Serving Size, Really? #infographic

infographic by: online.ahu.edu

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