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How Dashboards Boost Engagement in Your SumTotal LMS #infographic

How Dashboards Boost Engagement in Your SumTotal LMS #infographic

It is hard work to build a learning organization with the workers who are dedicated to life-long self-development. SumTotal Learn makes it easy for you to provide your users with any type of content, but you need more than just a user-friendly gateway to courses and resources.

Your users need relevant , timely and useful learning information, whether it's learners, managers , administrators or L&D professionals. With a well-designed dashboard customized to your needs, one of the best ways to give them feedback is. The Learners' Dashboards Your people need to know where they'll be taking their learning plans, how they're going and where to concentrate their efforts.

They want the information in an appealing, portable format they need not decode in order to receive accurate information. Here are a few examples of what the dashboards can do:

 Interactive show of milestones such as achievement bars and awards to inspire them to do more.

Training schedules and calendars with a to-do list that helps them complete assigned learning on time so that they can plan their activities. One-click access to learning resources, inside or outside your SumTotal LMS, regardless of where they are.

Tools and quick connections that place information and job resources at their disposal so that they can carry learning into the workflow.

 Advertisements and news. You need it to be updated regularly to keep it fresh and interesting so it never becomes outdated. One way of keeping people interested is by presenting blog posts relevant to their learning or work environment. You don't even have to write about the material. When you add new posts, you can curate it from reputable sources and send out updates via email.

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How Dashboards Boost Engagement in Your SumTotal LMS #infographic

infographic by: blog.chasma.io

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