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How Does Music Affect Work? #infographic

How Does Music Affect Work? #infographic

It's remarkable how great an impact music has on the way we view things around us. I served in the Estonian Navy several years ago. In any armed service, one of the things you get to do a lot is march. No one particularly likes it, but with marching songs they seek to make it less awful.

 However since not everyone wants to march songs either, occasionally they choose popular tunes to make the whole thing suck a little less. They used one song, a common local punk rock anthem. I liked the song and it helped many of us transform marching from a mundane activity into something that was mildly uplifting.

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But finally all the marching also transformed the song and I hated it since, needless to say. My point is this – music is inextricably linked to our lived experience, having the ability to lift us up or even drag us down. This applies to work, too.

 Last year Spotify conducted a survey of workplace music habits together with Anneli Haake. In order to improve their productivity and satisfaction, 61 per cent of people surveyed reported listening to music at the work place. Yet not all the music has an equal impact on jobs.

How Does Music Affect Work? #infographic

infographic by: toggl.com

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