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How GPS Trackers for Dogs Work #infographic

How GPS Trackers for Dogs Work #infographic

A GPS dog (also known as a dog pointer) is an intelligent manic that helps you keep track of your dog. You wish to have fun and required dog accessories as a housewife or maths. It is an accessory which meets those two requirements.

Namely, using a GPS collar to track your dog can be both fun and important. We will designate the best dog pointer in this article, and also explain how these GPS trackers work. Using the following table of contents to skip straight to the knowledge that you are most interested in!

This GPS originates from the Swedish brand MiniFinder Sweden, developed at Växjö in 2012. They 're offering different forms of technological solutions. One such technical solution is the Atto Pro GPS Tracker. Tip: Read our in-depth review of the MiniFinder Atto dog pointer (the precursor of Atto Pro) for more information on its capabilities.

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This GPS dog has many useful features and can be accessed through the related app. You can track your dog in real time , of course-that is probably the most popular feature. The GPS senses his location as soon as it is pushed and then transmits it instantly. You can then see where your dog is on a transparent map with 5-15 meter accuracy. Another common feature is the virtual fence, the Geo-Fence. This tells you instantly if your dog has moved out of the selected area.

How GPS Trackers for Dogs Work #infographic

infographic by: hund24.se

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