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How to Find (Almost) Anything on Google #infographic

How to Find (Almost) Anything on Google #infographic

Data is the name of the game, and if it is disorganised, it is meaningless. But better organization, more advanced search techniques are also needed. Google is working hard to find out what you want, riddled with typos, when you type it in off your ear.

The organization has a whole laboratory set up to help computers find out subtle intentional variations in the vague language we use. For example, you 're more likely to get a list of local car mechanics than bear doctors if you google panda repairs.

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But even the search engine allows you to help by learning how to classify your quest. For example, if your question is likely to be a popular one, your search terms can typically be simplified to get more accessible results.

 Instead of 'what time does it get dark in Warsaw' you could type in 'sunset Warsaw' and still get an immediate response without having to trawl through weather websites. You can get a similar result by typing  or much more. It's about learning how to communicate with Google just as much as learning to listen to Google.

How to Find (Almost) Anything on Google #infographic

infographic by: www.netcredit.com

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