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Is Your Business Prepared For A Cyber Attack? #infographic

Is Your Business Prepared For A Cyber Attack? #infographic

It is no easy task to run a successful business. You are under constant threat of cyberattacks. Cyber attacks have become normal days of occurrence in this day and age, and have caused major harm to businesses. A cyber-attack is an attempt to hack a computer system or network that results in data and information loss.
If it's some kind of assault- malware attack like Ransomware, phishing attack, password attack or drive-by attack, the harm done to the company by such attacks can lead to major financial losses.

( Be cautious of software installation. )
The best way to access your device for viruses is through your installation program. Therefore when installing any new software in your system, you must be extremely careful.

Install Program for Antivirus on your devices. )
 The first step to protecting your system from cyber-attacks is to install antivirus software in your local systems. Not only does this program detect any virus or suspicious behavior on your computer but it also takes immediate measures to remove them.

( Use strong passwords, and regularly change. )
your password The smallest step you could take to protect your data and information is setting strong passwords for your devices and applications.

Aloso Visit: Cyber Attack Cheat Sheet.

Is Your Business Prepared For A Cyber Attack? #infographic

infographic by: www.acecloudhosting.com

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