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Managing Momentum #infographic

Managing Momentum #infographic

Moving forward is easier because you are already heading forward, so it's just going to be difficult to get off a standstill. Which is why it is so important to hold the momentum. When it's required it's easier to slow down than to stop absolutely. Thought out the gas mileage of the vehicle. They use the most gas to start and stop in the city, and the gas mileage goes up when you get off the highway, because it takes less to keep the momentum going. It's the same for controlling your own momentum.

Often people get stuck and it is hard to get unstuck. Procrastination places mental roadblocks in our way and drives them forward so that we can get back on track, can seem like a Herculean job.

Particularly right now, in the midst of a major global outbreak of a dangerous virus, it might seem like we can't really get anything done anyway, so why bother, but you can unstuck yourself and start moving on again. To get going it just takes baby steps.

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Managing Momentum #infographic

infographic by: www.mbacentral.org

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