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Marketing in the Age of Pandemic #infographic

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic #infographic

As of June 2, 2020, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced the global population into a worldwide standstill, affecting 6.2 million people across 210 countries, with a considerably large one-third statistical chunk coming from the US. Not only has the pandemic raised significant health and mortality problems, it has also forced the planet into a new recession, which analysts find worse than the 2008 Global Financial Crisis ( GFC).

But while most economies continue to introduce containment procedures while tracking patterns in new cases of infection, other areas are increasingly relieving themselves on quarantine measures. Identified businesses are allowed to reopen, although the majority of the city is planning for the New Standard. Even, the effect on the global economy is not negligible, and for fear of a second wave revival, much of the population even maintains caution. It is a real-life situation happening across the globe.

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As the gears of the economy shift gradually from their grinding halt, companies are steadily growing from their brief but highly impacting pause, introducing new approaches that can help them succeed in the New Normal, and implementing marketing initiatives that can produce favorable results – even in the Pandemic Era.

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic #infographic #Business #Marketing

infographic by: digitalmarketingphilippines.com

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