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The 16 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time #infographic

The 16 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time #infographic

Cience literature is, and has always been, the future. Whether it's focused on artificial intelligence, aliens, technology, time travel, space exploration, or other unknown creatures and worlds, all science fiction shares the common theme of investigating experiences that no human has ever actually faced before.

We might debate all day what precisely distinguishes the genre of science fiction, but most accept that it varies from historical fiction like "1984" by Orwell and "The Handmaid 's Tale" by Atwood, both from their potential dystopian futures.

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This also varies from the type of fantasy that can be based on completely imaginary worlds. Stories in science fiction typically occur in situations often related to our present human existence. Sci-fi also features almost always some form of scientific or technical development that has a major impact on the story line.

 Science fiction is a genre that is highly divisive, not just because it includes tales that delve into the unknown, but also because its plot lines are frequently metaphors used to mock modern day society. It's the kind of fiction that asks; what's next for mankind if we keep moving down our current path?

The 16 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time #infographic

infographic by: geediting.com

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