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The Power of Sleep #infographic

The Power of Sleep #infographic

Each night, as our heads touch the bed, we like to believe we 're giving in. But this is not due to fatigue. We also surrender our consciousness, leaving our attention on sensory cues such as noise and scent and blinking lights. It's like we're slowing down like we're doing the appliances on our bedside going idle for a bit, only to spring back into action when the alarm blows hours later. We assume this is what is happening. But as scientists now show, this can not be any further from the facts.

Sure, when the lights go out, our minds start to work  but in an entirely different way than when we're awake. Every night, a legion of neurons bursts into action, and the cells function in perfect synchrony like any well-trained team, pulsing with electrical signals that wash through the brain with a calming, hypnotic flow. Meanwhile, data processors sort out the information reams that invaded the brain all day at a rate that was too daunting for managing in real time.

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The Power of Sleep #infographic

infographic by: www.onlinemattressreview.com

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