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The Best and the Worst Student Habits #infographic

The Best and the Worst Student Habits #infographic,student habits, good student habits

Student Habits. When you get up, you get the habit of having a hot cup of coffee. You are persuaded that this coffee is what your body wants, so it will wake up. When you're waking up later than normal and have no time for the hot cup, you 're sleepy all day. Sometimes you get a headache.

You are convinced that all of this is because you have skipped the coffee. Well here is for you the big news: it's just a habit. You know full well that without coffee you can go through the day, but the normal habits compel you to start drinking it.

You will also note other habits, if you observe your everyday life. You might just bite your nails. Perhaps you're doing exercise in the morning. You may not be able to avoid the skin picking habit when you know it is bad for your skin's health and appearance.

You may have a habit of learning every day and you're going to keep the experience fresh. Having learned about learning, do you know it's a habit, too? At college, the way you approach your responsibilities depends on habits.

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The Best and the Worst Student Habits #infographic

infogaphic by: www.wizessay.com

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