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The Six Companies That Own (Almost) All Media #infographic

The Six Companies That Own (Almost) All Media #infographic

Television, film, and video game companies appear to be emerging from the woodwork in today's startup-centered economy. And everybody knows what they are going to do next? But while it may sound like you have unlimited options, one of six corporations controls a great deal of the media you consume.

Although there are still independent media outlets (and there are plenty of them), these six conglomerates control nearly all of the major outlets. To be clear, "media" does not only apply to news outlets in this sense it refers to any mechanism that regulates the dissemination of information. So here, 24-hour news channels, magazines, publishing houses, internet services and even video game developers are included in "media."

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The Six Companies That Own (Almost) All Media #infographic

infographic by: www.webfx.com

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