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5 Qualities of a Great Presenter #infographic

5 Qualities of a Great Presenter #infographic

What are a good public speaker's most significant qualities? What makes a fantastic presenter? What are the attributes that make it possible for one orator to get up in front of an audience and memorize the crowd while another fails? Well, to these questions, science can give the answer. I did so when I first began teaching the Fearless Presentations lessons, because I learned from my own experience that the more self-confident a presenter looks to an audience, the more respect the audience would have for that presenter

. Furthermore, chapter one of my first book was about enthusiasm, because I knew that enthusiasm was the absolute, most significant of all the features of a good speaker. Our teachers have worked with over 20,000 presenters over the years, however. In front of parties, some had a natural appearance. However, some had to develop a public speaking capacity to be regarded as a great public speaker.

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5 Qualities of a Great Presenter #infographic

infographic by: presentationdeck.com

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