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Evolution of Food in Space: From Bland Puree to Almost Like on Earth #infographic

As part of their plans for Mars, NASA is conducting analyses on all the stuff to expect in space aboard the International Space Station. One of the stars of the experiment was an astronaut who recently returned to Earth after 340 days spent on ISS. His name is Scott Kelly and he played a major role in deciding how our bodies behave in extended microgravity environments along with his twin brother who remained on Earth.

It is interesting to notice, for instance, that Mr. Kelly was 1.5 inches taller in space than on Earth. What is that for? Is he "shrinking" down to normal height? Body fluids travel up to the upper part of the body in microgravity, causing astronauts to congested, impacting their vision and sense of smell etc. Will the odd condition leave a few permanent traces on the body of an astronaut? We'll find answers to all these questions and more, after reviewing Mr. Kelly's medical tests in the months ahead.

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infographic by: labeley.com

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