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How Smart Homes Take Over The World #infographic

How Smart Homes Take Over The World #infographic

The next big thing is smart home. You may not know it yet, but because of this, your day will be easier somewhere. Not only does Smart home technology affect the houses it has built in. Its scope extends to other fields, such as industry , science and even healthcare. Here's a detailed chart of the numbers and changes made by smart homes.

The rapid growth rate in the smart home industry affects all types of industries. Following the money is the best way to figure this out. The US has spent $19,827bn on smart home technologies in 2018 alone. Compared to the overall size of the American Gross Domestic Product this can seem like a small number. But, note that smart homes are all about integrating various types of technology. For this reason it uses the Internet of Things ( IoT). IoT is expected to produce sales greater than $300 billion by 2020. Suddenly, the persuasive influence of that peculiar $19 million (spended in 2018) seems quite interesting.

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How Smart Homes Take Over The World #infographic

infographic by: safeatlast.co

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