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Benefits of Enterprise Mobility #infographic

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility #infographic

Enterprise mobility is a platform to enhance employee performance and intensify the organizational processes. 

Enterprise Mobility Managed Services Ecosystem Enterprises are beginning to invest in mobile, but it is significant. Here is the current state of mobile in the enterprise. 

Laptops and smartphones are being provided to almost 1/3 of the global workforce today.

 Out of them, 26% provide laptops, while 20% provide smartphones. 52% of employees who are not equipped with company devices are using personal devices for work activities.

 42 % of respondents who own a personal smartphone use their work smartphone. The study shows that, in the sense of businesses, mobile has not been completely embraced. There is a great deal of room for profits. 40 percent of the workforce agree that mobile technology will help their company more and want to use more mobile technology.

State of Mobility for Enterprise In the last decade, mobile has emerged as the most significant disrupting force. Enterprises are adopting versatility like never before, from oil & gas to retail. Here's a guide to stats that gives you rich data and insights into mobile business applications. Before you get down to planning your next mobile strategy, understand them.

 By 2020, the global demand for enterprise mobility is estimated to be $140 billion, rising at a 15 percent CAGR. More than 20 apps have been created by 7.6 percent of companies, while 38.5 percent have at least one mobile app developed for their business. 41.1 percent of organizations internally acquire and integrate mobility technologies, 29.4 percent use an external supplier of services, while 29.5 percent use internal and external support. 81.9% of businesses around the world agree that BYOD is an effective strategy for their organization.

The aspirations of workers from their employers Employees want their employer to step up the game for digital transformation and meet the needs and interactions they get while not at work.

 When it comes to directly implementing mobile devices, just 32 percent of workers believe that their workplace is advanced. 38 percent find that their job effectiveness is positively influenced by mobile / technology. 

40 percent of employers want more smartphone / technology at work to be used. 37% of workers believe their business will benefit from mobile / technology.

Advantages of Business versatility

Enterprise mobility influences various business components significantly. Propelled innovations give companies another life by rearranging operating processes, improving the productivity of staff, and producing abundant revenue. To turn the traditional work method into an advanced one, understand corporate mobility and develop hi-tech mobile apps.

 Reducing Costs

 Using enterprise mobility helps enterprises to move their data to the cloud, thus saving on infrastructure expenses.

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Benefits of Enterprise Mobility #infographic #Enterprise Mobility #Technology #Benefits

infographic by: www.hiddenbrains.com

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