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Bitcoin Leads the Crypto Market #infographic

Bitcoin Leads the Crypto Market #infographic

As of October 9, 2020, according to the CoinMarketCap website, all Bitcoins in the world were worth about 202 billion U.S. dollars, more than five times as much as those of the second largest crypto currency, Ethereum. Yet Bitcoin used to be worth much more: at the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency briefly hit a market capitalization of over 300 billion US dollars. 

Bitcoin started attracting mainstream investors that year, and while its value was catapulted to new heights by the ensuing frenzy for the digital currency, it also resulted in an inevitable crash in 2018 and a market value that briefly dropped as low as 56 billion.

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Bitcoin Leads the Crypto Market #infographic #Crypto #Crypto Market Cryptocurrency

infographic by: www.statista.com

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