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Film’s Most Frightening Medics #infographic

Film’s Most Frightening Medics #infographic

Halloween only arrives once a year, but even after the dusty decorations have been stowed, the scariest movies and tales of evil will stay with you. The horror genre is littered with downright dangerous physicians, from the unthinkable evil actions of Dr Hannibal Lector, the cannibal psychiatrist, to the misplaced misdemeanours of Ernest Menville, the submissive plastic surgeon.

But, apart from characters and murders, why are we even watching horror films in the first place? A pounding heart, perspiration, goosebumps and even nightmares are the side effects of such exposure in many individuals, so why bring ourselves through the mental agony while we could be watching Scrubs?

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Film’s Most Frightening Medics #infographic #Halloween #Movies #Doctor

infographic by: www.worktheworld.com

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