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Useful Tips on How to Convince a Man for Marriage #infographic

Useful Tips on How to Convince a Man for Marriage #infographic

For various reasons, men prefer to delay marriage for as long as possible nowadays. Brad Wilcox, Ph.D., a sociologist and director of the National Marriage Project, says: "Men have the instinct of a natural provider, but before making that kind of long-term commitment, they want to feel financially comfortable." For several couples, matrimony has lost its significance.

 Brad Wilcox adds, "If you live together, you practically get the same marital benefits: sharing a house, sleeping together every night, spending more time together, which takes away the pressure of making things official."

There are tips that will help prepare her significant other for marriage when a woman is confident that she and her partner are ready for this serious move. "Brad Wilcox advises:" If you're itching to get married and he's still on the fence, it will just make him more reluctant to press the issue. When things get more personal, look for signs of devotion, such as putting you first and giving up time to be with you with friends and family and strengthening your confidence in a future together. If you are open and frank about where you see the relationship heading and you are moving together towards that future, your persistence will pay off and you will get to a point where both of you are happy settling down.

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Useful Tips on How to Convince a Man for Marriage #infographic #Marriage #Wedding

infographic by: meetville.com

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