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How to Connect PCs to AirPods

How to Connect PCs to AirPods #AirPods #Computer #How To #AirPods Connect

 What is a Airpods...?

For those looking for a pair of wireless earphones for on-the-go listening, without being distracted by wires, the Apple AirPods are a wonderful product. This beautiful product offers up to 5 hours of continuous battery use. The added value they provide is Active Noise Cancellation, which makes it great for audiophiles who want music of the highest quality.

Although AirPods are mainly intended for use with Apple products, this does not mean that you are unable to use them with your Windows-powered personal computer. In just three seconds, you can attach your iPhone to an AirPod. But it may take extra measures to do the same for your Windows 10 PC. If you follow all the steps correctly, attaching AirPods to the PC wouldn't take more than a minute.

How to connect AirPods to PCs or laptop.

01. Switch the PC on. Open the app for Preferences, and then press Computers Setting or Setting App.

How to Connect PCs to AirPods

02. Click Devices or Find a Setting Bar search Devices as Below.

How to Connect PCs to AirPods

OR. Alternatively, on the desktop search bar, you may also type 'Bluetooth' and then pick the option to configure Bluetooth and other devices.

How to Connect PCs to AirPods

New Window bar open same like below.

How to Connect PCs to AirPods

03. Tap on the option to add Bluetooth or other devices at the top of the list. After clicking on Add a Computer, click on Bluetooth Add a Device.

How to Connect PCs to AirPods

04. Place the AirPods in the case, then pull the lid open.

05. Now press and hold the circular button on the rear end of the charging case that you will find. Keep until the status light blinks white for a couple of seconds.

06. In the list of discoverable devices on your personal computer, your AirPods will now appear. To pair, click and then connect.

How to Connect PCs to AirPods

If you encounter a connection error, you can close the AirPods case as well as the Bluetooth configuration window on your PC and repeat the entire process again. You can remove them from the case and stick them to your ears until the AirPods are attached to your PC. The whole process is pretty easy and close to connecting your PC to any Bluetooth device. Place the AirPods back in the case and close the lid if you want to disconnect them.

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