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Top 10 Winter Pet Safety Tips #infographic

Top 10 Winter Pet Safety Tips #infographic

Many individuals are under the misconception that they have built-in defense against the cold because their pets are coated in fur. This couldn't be further from the facts, unfortunately. A lot of pets are just not ready for extended periods of time to survive outdoors in cold weather. 

Bad things will happen when they do. As well as the possibility of antifreeze poisoning, there is frostbite and hypothermia. Take your pet directly to a vet if you suspect any of these serious conditions. Winter weather, including dry, irritated skin and paws, can also cause a variety of smaller annoyances. 

Everything mitigation begins with understanding when it's too cold. It depends, sadly, on your pets. To a twelve-year-old Chihuahua, what's too cold for a three-year-old Husky may be very different. So take the size, age, and type of coat of your pet into consideration.

It's also necessary to keep your pets safe during the winter when indoors. Your pet can be tempted to curl up to heaters and fireplaces if it's cold inside, which can cause burns or fires if anything gets knocked over. Instead to keep your furry friends warm, opt for a Pet Bed Warmer or Amazin 'Thermo-Kitty Blanket.

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infographic by: khpet.com/blogs

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