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Uses for Cardamom Essential Oil #infographic

Uses for Cardamom Essential Oil #infographic
The essential oil of Cardamom has a wide range of healing properties. Cardamom has you covered, whether you're trying to preserve a balanced digestive system, help your nervous system, or even strengthen your interpersonal relationships.

Promotes the circulation of healthy blood As a warming spice, cardamom is known, and the essential oil is no different. The warming effect allows adequate blood circulation to be encouraged.

Harmful Microbes Fight Off The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of the Cardamom essential oil make it suitable for disinfecting minor wounds and keeping your skin and mouth safe.

Keeps Digestion safe For your overall health, a healthy digestive system is critical. The essential oil of cardamom helps control the digestive system, keeping it functioning correctly.

Metabolism boosts The essential oil of cardamom helps the body produce enzymes that regulate hormonal levels and promote circulation, secretion and peristaltic movement.

Supports the system of nerves The essential oil of cardamom is an important treatment for headaches, and serves as a nervous system tonic. At calming nervous stress and increasing concentration, it is particularly effective.

Eliminates Contaminants A diuretic is cardamom essential oil, which means it helps increase urination frequency. This helps keep the kidneys functioning properly and eliminates the body's toxins.

Keeps safe skin The essential oil of cardamom will regenerate skin cells and reduce signs of aging. Cardamom helps promote the elasticity of the skin, protects the skin from damage to the environment and UV, and keeps you looking radiant and young. It also allows the skin to tone and pores to shrink.

Relieves Signs of Cold and Flu One of the most effective treatments for colds and flu is cardamom essential oil. Its antispasmodic properties make it effective against cough, and the nasal passages and lungs can help to alleviate congestion.

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infographic by: monq.com

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