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Video game security: How to stay safer while gaming #infographic

Video game security: How to stay safer while gaming #infographic

You're there, completing the last stress-filled mission. You've been playing this game for weeks and you're almost at the end of it. Victory is so close that you can almost taste it. Your screen goes dark, you're locked out of your account, and all your progress is lost. And then it happens. You were hacked. Before your virtual problem transforms into a real-life fiasco, you now have to scramble to lock your bank account. 

You risk this hypothetical scenario becoming an untimely reality, whether you're a professional gamer, a casual player, or the parent of a child glued to their PC, if you don't have security for your computers. The unfortunate fact is that when playing online, there are many ways hackers can access your information, and even more ways they can transform that data into profit. With the right security, before they become a concern, you can stop hackers in their tracks. But you have to know, first, what you're up against.

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Video game security: How to stay safer while gaming #infographic #Entertainment Industry #infographics #Game Security

infographic by: us.norton.com

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