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12 Health Benefits Of Purple Tea #infographic

12 Health Benefits Of Purple Tea #infographic

Purple tea may sound like a science fiction drama-inspired mythical drink. But there are real and essential health benefits of purple tea to remember, just like green tea and countless other teas on the market today.

Purple tea, the same plant as white, black, and green tea, is derived from Camellia Sinensis. In plants, a genetic mutation essentially causes the leaves to turn the beverage purple. This interesting discoloration is caused by anthocyanins. The anthocyanins of purple tea, made of several phytochemicals, display exceptional health benefits, such as the products below. It does not taste too bad either, with a taste similar to white tea, but with a fruity hint of raspberry.

Purple tea has many advantages, be it for drinking or as an ingredient for skin care products. These advantages make a second look and another taste or two of the tasty brew worth it. But many people discover that while the advantages of purple tea go far under the surface of the skin, some of the advantages are really deep skin, resulting in younger looking skin and true power to combat wrinkles.

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12 Health Benefits Of Purple Tea #infographic #Tea #infographics #Purple Tea #Benefits

infographic by: blog.purpletea.com

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