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85+ Must-Know Marijuana Statistics and Facts #infographic

85+ Must-Know Marijuana Statistics and Facts #infographic

Do we not live in exciting times? Statistics on marijuana are evolving so rapidly, it's hard to keep track! We hope, however, that we have succeeded in bringing the most recent and relevant stats for this year to you. We are going to look from many angles at this beautiful and contentious plant. You can see how much people love using it in the country, the head-spinning sales and income numbers, disappointing crime statistics, and many more.

About 90% of the patients who used it were assisted by medical marijuana.

 After major car collisions, marijuana is the second most commonly detected drug in drivers' bodies. 

For 1oz of high quality marijuana, $326 is the average price.

 At some stage of their lives, over 50 percent of Americans have tried cannabis. Marijuana is not a drug for gateways. 

In the District of Columbia, the most expensive marijuana is sold.

 As stated by marijuana use statistics, 24 percent of young adult Americans use marijuana.

 Medical marijuana is being allowed in 33 states at the moment. 

A 2019 twin study confirmed the use of marijuana does not cause a decrease of 8 IQ points. Nobody has died from a marijuana overdose yet.

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infographic by: loudcloudhealth.com

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