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How Elon Musk Started #infographic

How Elon Musk Started #infographic

Musk's vehicles and rockets will still be orbiting the Planet and the sky in a hundred years when most people read this and the person writing this is long gone. The question I am asking here is how can such a person get started against all odds. And what can we, more specifically, learn from him?

It might seem naïve to learn from Musk. After all, even among billionaires, he is an outlier. I assume this is precisely why he is worth studying-by studying the ordinary, you don't get insight into the exceptional. We can find something in the way he started out that is essentially borrowable, even with a sample size of one Musk.

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How Elon Musk Started #infographic #Elon Musk #infographics #Success #How To

infographic by: blog.adioma.com

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