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How To Apply False Eyelashes #infographic

How To Apply False Eyelashes #infographic

Let's be frank. It can be an absolute nightmare to try to add false lashes for the first time. Bear in mind, these are distinct from extensions of lashes. It can always leave us looking and feeling like we've just auditioned for the next Halloween movie with a concept that seems so fast and easy.

How to use false eyelashes 9 Stages as mentioned below.

01. Identifying the proper false eyelashes for the shape of your eye. 

Make sure you pick the right size of strip lashes, depending on your eye-shape. If your eye form, for example, is hooded, a longer pair of false eyelashes might be a better match for you. If you have a design of the eye that is more rounded, then go for shorter lashes that provide much more length.

02. Ensure a workspace that is tidy and well lit.

 Look, when I find myself rushing my application of a false eyelash in a barely lit room with my friends waiting angrily for me to be half an hour late again, I've had a lot of problems.

03. Carefully peel the lashes from the tray using tweezers.

Here, it's critical that you pick up the lashes from the lash band corner and stop picking them up from the real eyelash itself. This is because before you have even had a chance to put them on, it would definitely damage the eyelash.

04. Get right the duration.

Do the lashes suit your eyes' length? Amazingly, this is ignored often. Next thing you remember, you walked out of the house like your eyelashes were coming out of the side of your skull. This isn't an amazing look, I can vouch for that.

05. Get away with the making up.

 Now, if you don't use one of our Strip Lashes (we're all right, we forgive you), then we need to get our make-up foundation done. If you are using one of the Flawless Strip Lashes, you can skip this step because the application of mascara or eyeliner is not needed.

06. Apply glue for the eyelash.

 Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive around the lash band by gripping the lash with tweezers. This seems to be the easy bit, but note that less is better, like all adhesive applications.

07. Fake eyelashes apply.

Carefully pinch the strip lash in the middle and from the front using your tweezers. Place the lash band carefully just above your own natural lashes, directly on the skin. To get as close to your natural eyelashes as you can, gently pull down the wrong eyelash from either end.

08. Mix it again, then.

Using mascara, touch the fake eyelash slightly to make sure it fuses with your true cloves. You can also make it look more natural and realistic by using eye-liner around the fake lash band.

09. Come to the end.

 Push thoroughly against the cloves to promote the curve with your fingertips. This helps to give them a much larger look and break them in the evening.

A micro swab or an ear bud is the best way to clear the eyelashes. Wet the swab slightly and brush through the bonding region slightly with water. Or, if you know that the lading strip is not attached to your natural lading strip, keep a belt end and peel off mildly

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How To Apply False Eyelashes #infographic #Fashion #Eyelashes #infographics #False Eyelashes

infographic by: flawlesslashesbyloreta.com

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