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The NFPA 704 Diamond Explained #infographic

The NFPA 704 Diamond Explained #infographic

To alert people to the specific hazards present, the NFPA 704 diamond can be used on any type of chemical container. It is intended to provide information to emergency responders that allows them to determine which specific devices or protections should be used in the event of a spill, fire, or other emergency situation.

On trucks carrying chemicals, one of the most common places where we see NFPA diamond labels is. The NFPA diamond will let emergency responders know what they're dealing with if the truck gets into an accident. NFPA labels can also be seen in warehouses, production facilities, schools, building sites, retail stores, gas stations, and on chemical containers.

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The NFPA 704 Diamond Explained #infographic #NFPA #Labeling #Safety #Heath Hazard #Flammability

infographic by: www.creativesafetysupply.com

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