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Why B2B Marketers Build On LinkedIn #infographic

Why B2B Marketers Build On LinkedIn #infographic

Right now, should brands be advertising and aggressively marketing? Historical knowledge leads to a fairly straightforward answer: if you can do it reasonably, then yes. The next question, then, is: where? Which destinations are worth investing time and spending the most, with confidence that you will be able to show growth and ROI? There are several channels and platforms to consider, but allow us to help you make an evidence-based argument as to why LinkedIn in the 2021 plans of your company should be a strategic priority.

Why B2B companies should lean right now on LinkedIn The numbers make a compelling case for LinkedIn at a time when businesses of all types need to invest where it matters most: it works, it is trusted, and it covers the scope of B2B audience segments.

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infographic by: business.linkedin.com

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