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COVID-19: Vaccine risks and Side effects

COVID-19: Vaccine risks and Side effects #Covid-19 #Vaccine #Corona Virus

Safe and life-saving vaccines. There are questions to be raised regarding the rapid production of COVID-19 vaccines. Here is a description of the predicted reactions and side effects.

Globally, millions of people expect to get a coronavirus vaccine in the near future. Health officials in several countries have considered the vaccines safe and accepted. At the same time, many are ambivalent because they fear potential side effects from vaccination while trying to protect themselves from infection. They have concerns that, in view of the rapid speed of progress, vaccines are actually safe and potential side effects properly studied.

Reactions Normal vaccination:

Some reactions after vaccination are normal: the site of the injection may be red, swollen or painful. Even in the first three days after vaccination, exhaustion, fever, headache and weary limbs are not uncommon. Typically, these typical vaccine responses are mild and disappear within a few days. They demonstrate that the vaccine works because it activates the immune system and the body forms antibodies to the infection that the vaccines just feigned.

Side effects:

Besides normal vaccine reactions, often serious side effects after vaccination have been reported, such as allergic shocks, in detail. There are particular events, however. According to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the Food & Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) and World Health Organisation, licensed vaccines are usually safe; otherwise, vaccines will not be allowed.

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