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Plan Ahead for Severe Weather #infographic

Plan Ahead for Severe Weather #infographic

Storm protection is all about planning. When it comes to extreme weather, Texas has it all: thunderstorms, flash flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes. To protect your family, home and property, advance planning is important.

Keep Related Track weather and road conditions with a battery-operated radio or smartphone, and be on alert for evacuation orders during hurricane season. Keep these machines going during power outages with extra batteries, solar chargers or portable energy banks.

Power Up Consider buying a portable generator, which can power a few appliances or your entire home depending on size, or a backup generator, which powers your whole home automatically if the power goes out.

Keep Relaxed Summer and winter storms can be dangerous due to the combination of power outages and high temperatures. Store blankets, winter gear and firewood during winter, and strive to keep your home shaded and ventilated during summertime power outages.

Eat Smart If you don’t open your fridge during a power outage, food will remain at a healthy temperature for around four hours. A full freezer is secure for 48 hours, and a half-full freezer for 24 hours.

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Plan Ahead for Severe Weather #infographic #Weather #Severe Weather #infographics #Storm #Infographic

infographic by: blog.firstchoicepower.com

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