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Wearable Technology – Helping Your Doctor Help You #infographic

Wearable Technology – Helping Your Doctor Help You #infographic

 You've probably heard the derogatory word "glasshole," which refers to individuals who wear their Google Glass wearable computing device anywhere and all day. Google Glass is merely one example of a wearable computing device.

Smartwatches, smart wristbands, fitness trackers, helmet-mounted impact checkers, back pain posture checkers, necklaces, clip-ons, smart clothes, and other wearable technology are currently available and will play a significant role in the future of healthcare.

These devices can record a variety of vital signs and electronically send them to your doctor at your next appointment, or through smartphone apps. When data collection is that easy, anonymized aggregated data from cities, states, and even countries can be analyzed as a whole to identify general population patterns.

Wearable Technology – Helping Your Doctor Help You #infographic #Health #Technology #infographics #Wearable Technology #Gadgets

infographic by: www.cheapnursedegrees.com

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