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8 Important Graphic Design Trends For 2022

8 Important Graphic Design Trends For 2022 #infographic

The confluence of events in 2020 has dominated graphic design trends. The pandemic is the most serious of these. We also saw bushfires in Australia, a stock market crash, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the invasion of killer hornets in the United States, and much more.

  • 01. Color palettes with muted tones Brands are moving away from last year's vibrant and aggressive color trends and toward more muted color palettes. Colors that have been gently desaturated with black, white, or a complementary hue are known as muted colors. 
  • 02. Gradients of color Gradients will be employed in a variety of creative ways in the coming year, rather than just as image backgrounds. They'll be utilized to provide depth and texture to complicated images, as well as color filters and simple graphics. 
  • 03. Illustrations that are abstract and hazy Simple illustrations no longer have the same impact as they once did. To really stand out, use more inventive, abstract, and dreamy illustrations.
  • 04. Fonts with a lot of weight but are nonetheless easy to read Bold or exceptionally bold typefaces are common in heavy fonts. By matching strong letters with plain backgrounds and lighter fonts, many designers create contrast and hierarchy. 
  • 05. Flowing and beautiful shapes and lines Flowing curves can be employed to give your designs a natural, friendly, and authentic vibe. They also look great with other design trends like subdued colors and large typefaces. 
  • 06. Stock images that are genuine and unbiased Trends in stock photographs and images are quick to follow when color trends alter. That means more muted landscapes, realistic portraits, and neutral stock photographs are on the way.

8 Important Graphic Design Trends For 2022 #infographic #Digital #Social #infographics

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