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A Brief History of American Garages

A Brief History of American Garages #infographic

American Garages were not always what we know them to be. Automobiles became fashionable in the early twentieth century, and people began to view them as a status symbol.

However, it introduces the most serious issue, namely, parking their automobile. Soon after, affluent vehicle owners recognized the need, and a few of them saw it as a commercial opportunity, repurposing carriage buildings for the general public.

 Soon, this parking spot was being used to store horses, buggies, and other horse travel equipment, which provided new commercial options. A typical monthly parking fee for a modest vehicle ranges from $15 to $20. However, following a certain term, the following difficulties arose:

Parking space mismanagement

There is no need for upkeep. 

Additional vehicle parking is available. 

Along with rented parking, livestock has already been stored. This creates a perplexing situation for automobile owners. This conundrum gave rise to the personal parking solution, which we refer to as garages. 

This is only a small part of the history of the American garage. This infographic provides a comprehensive history of American garages.

A Brief History of American Garages #infographic #Education #infographics

infographic by: https://www.vikingmetalgarages.com

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